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Decluttering: One Step at a Time        

I’ve moved so many times that I consider myself an expert in decluttering, packing, and moving.  I’ve lived in over 30 homes (so far) and I have helped hundreds of other people declutter their homes, too.  Here are some of my favorite tips:


Start by getting your supplies:

Some boxes or bins.  Free boxes are everywhere – grocery stores, gift shops, pretty much anywhere there are deliveries!  Or just save all your Amazon delivery boxes!  You can get some great bins in all different sizes at pretty much any big-box store.  If you plan to store anything, you’ll want them to be in bins with tops that seal securely.

Post-it-notes and a bold marker.  You’ll need to label the bins/boxes.    


Decide your process:

If you look at every single thing in every single room of your home, it will feel overwhelming and you won’t ever start the process!  So, I suggest you decide which way you are going to move forward by picking a room or a category.  If I was going to pick a room, I’d start with a small one or one with the least stuff in it.  You want to “conquer” a room to gain confidence that you can do this!

My favorite way to declutter is the category method.  I like to start in the closets because they are basically small rooms.  Then I go to any cabinets (kitchen and bathrooms).  Then anything out in the open. 


Keep, Sell, Donate, or Toss:

The first thing to do is give yourself permission to ask for help.  Sometimes a friend or family member can help you process how to “keep, sell, donate, or toss”.  One rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it or used it for 6-12 months, you don’t need it.  I find gifts one of the hardest things to part with because someone made it FOR me and I feel guilty getting rid of it.  But you have to realize that you can’t keep everything so pick the things that have the most meaning and save those items. 

Things to keep:  If you aren’t moving, keep these things where they are.  If you are moving, wrap and protect them and put them in a box/bin an label it for the room it will go in when you unpack. 

Things to sell:  I’m a selling freak.  It would be quicker and easier to donate some of the smaller items, but I love the “game” of selling them.  The phrase “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is so true! 

Things to donate:  Pick a favorite non-profit in your area and box things up and deliver to them.  Some will even pick up your items!  And be sure to get a receipt for your tax professional!

Things to toss:  This is the hardest one!  I really only toss things that are damaged or stained.  I like to recycle pretty much everything!

Contact us to learn more about how to get your home ready to sell!  

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